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Ordro EP7 Youtube Video Vlog Camera 4K 60Fps Head Wearable Wifi POV Digital Camc

Ordro EP7 Youtube Video Vlog Camera 4K 60Fps Head Wearable Wifi POV Digital Camc

Ordro EP7 Youtube Video Vlog Camera 4K 60Fps Head Wearable Wifi POV Digital Camc    Ordro EP7 Youtube Video Vlog Camera 4K 60Fps Head Wearable Wifi POV Digital Camc

Head-mounted Camera for Content Creators and Vloggers. Free your imagination, capture what you see, because the moment never comes again. Head wearable video camera, free hands, capture what you see. FPV (first person view) camera, suits for POV shots.

A perfect gift for blogger, doctor, journalist, fishing enthusiast, artisan, chef, home care worker and repairman. 100Mbps helps to record more rich details. Clear sound and delicate images. Camera built in 2-axis Gimbal Stabilizer.

Effectively avoid up-and-down jitter to meet daily photography needs. Please note: EP7 cannot be worn for swimming and bathing, if the product accidentally falls into the water, take it out in time. Suitable for most people; Nylon material, wearing without pressure, not easy to break. 4K HDR Video Showing Rich Details.

Restore dark and bright details. The light and dark transition more natural. No matter you are in strong light or backlight, you can record full-colored, layered 4K pictures through HDR video function. After full charged, the battery lasts for 1-2 hours, depending on which shooting mode you choose.

Under the condition of wifi connection, you can record video about 45 minutes, then wifi will disconnect automatically. After wifi disconnection, you still can record video about 50 minutes. Recommend charging while recording if you need long time recording.

There's no longer a need to compromise your images with your smartphone camera just to share content quickly. Ordro-EP7 delivers both stunning images and seamless connectivity, for better and easier posting. The free OD CAM Mobile app for iOS and Android lets you simply transfer, edit and upload videos shot on the Ordro-EP7 instantly to social media platforms, from wherever you are.

Turn on the camera, touch the power button to turn on the Wi-Fi. The speaker will emit a sound "Wi-Fi On". The Blue indicator light on and flashes intermittently. Please Note: Standard package not include remote. Remote Control Available Distance Take photo: about 8 meters Record video: about 5 meters. Video camera for blogger, fits many needs, it also can be used as a helmet camera. Camera body is 55 g only, comfortable to wear without pressure.

Sensor: Configure IMX258 1/3 inch 13MP CMOS sensor Aperture: F/NO: 2.2 f=4.88mm View angle: 90 degree Focus range: 10cm or more 4K video code stream: 100Mbps Video format: MP4 / H. Please Note: camera voice service only supports Chinese, English and Japanese. Packing list of standard package. 1 EP7 FPV camera 1 Headband 1 Small wrench 1 Screw head 2 Soft rubber sleeve 1 Hook 1 User manual (Support Languages : English; Russian; Chinese) 1 USB charger cable 1 Storage bag. Please must read user manual before use this camera.

When you receive the camera, please firstly use the included micro USB cable to charge the camera for about 3 hours to ensure that the camera is fully charged. The camera must use U3 or higher micro SD card. (a) Under the situation of the memory card's format is not compatible with the camera. (b) the camera will sound "Please hold on the Photo button to format the memory card". (c) please press the photo button for 5 seconds after the prompt tone.

(d) the camera will format the Micro SD card automatically. (e) After the formatting is finished, the camera will sound "Format complete".

PLEASE NOTE: Before SD card formated complete, camera can't take photo, can't record video and can't turn on wifi. Poor lighting will affect the shooting effect, please use this camera with sufficient light. Automatic segmentation every 5 minutes when recording video with 4K / 2.7K resolution; Automatic segmentation every 20 minutes when recording below 1080P (including 720P / 480P). Please refer to DJI and Gpro action cameras. WIFI cannot be turned on when the battery is low (15% -20%).

If the camera cannot be turned off, please open the micro SD card slot cover and press "RST" hole to reset the unit. Anti Shake function only work at up and down moving. You will find video unstable if you shake your head left and right. You can pay price include VAT. Most items returnable within 15 days following delivered. A: Please send the product back to us and we will replace the battery for you for free. Please note: Due to the complicated structure of the camera, only professional technicians can replace the internal battery. Q: Can I wear this vlog camera for surfing? A: This camera is suitable for outdoor sports such as cycling, hiking, etc. But it is not suitable for extreme sports such as surfing, skiing, skydiving, etc.

Q: What SD card should i use? Card with storage capacity of. Q: Why the videos recored by this camera was cut into segments every 5 minutes?

A file system limitation, which don't allow more than 4gb file sizes. So the camera will automatically create multiple clips with like 3.5-3.9gb sizes. A lot of cameras do that, not just EP7. Q: Can i use this camcorder without APP and internet?

Q: What is the difference between ORDRO EP7 and Gopro action camera? A: If you have a GoPro, you need to wear it on your wrist or Gopro helmet bracket, it is non-first perspective. But ORDRO EP7 has unique first-view design, what you record is what you see. Q: Does it work at sub-zero temperatures? A: Normal working temperature of ordro ep7 is minus 15 degrees to +40 degrees.

Q: Why video is not smooth? A: 4K video must be displayed on device which has 4k resolution, such as 4k computer or 4k TV. And if the device hardware configuration is too low, video will freeze during playback.

Q: Why the App shows "No connection to the device"? A: After your smartphone connected the wifi, please don't leave wifi setting page and wait a while, you will see a message says this WLAN networks has no internet access. Then you can go to App to connect device. Q: Why the camera doesn. A: Please use a U3 SD card.

Ordro EP7 Youtube Video Vlog Camera 4K 60Fps Head Wearable Wifi POV Digital Camc    Ordro EP7 Youtube Video Vlog Camera 4K 60Fps Head Wearable Wifi POV Digital Camc